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Mak | Bach


Critically acclaimed guitarist Mak Grgic [GER-gich] brings three beloved solo masterworks to a class..

Daniel Corral - "Circle Limit III" performed by Los Angeles Electric 8


Circle Limit III, a spatialized composition for 8 electric guitars.Limited edition double disc packa..

Coste: Seize valses favorites de Johann Strauss, Jeffrey McFadden


Napolean Coste became one of the most influential guitar composers of the mid 19th century. Based in..

Danza Y Canciones- Wilfried Haecker


This album (previously unavailable in the United States) features works by Federico Moreno Torroba, ..

Well Tempered Koshkin, Nikita Koshkin


CONTENTS:The Elves SuiteParadeThree Stations on One RoadThe Ballads: Suite for GuitarThe Cambridge S..

Vueltas, Kai Narezo


CONTENTS:1. Cuatro Palabritas (Tangos)2. Bulerias de Kai3. Vueltas (Alegrias)4. Lo Mio (Solea)5. El ..

Viaggio in Italia, Martha Masters


1. Giuliani: Gran Sonata Eroica, Op.1502. Regondi: Etude #6 in D minor3. Regondi: Etude #8 in G Majo..

Valseana by Marc Teicholz


Voted one of the Essential Acoustic Albums of 2011 by Acoustic Guitar Magazine.This CD features 18 w..

Two Concertos, Sergio & Odair Assad


Under the guidance of their mandolinist father, Sergio and Odair Assad discovered the world of Brazi..

A Guitar Through the Eras- Tariq Harb


Winner of both the First and the Audience Choice Award i the Barrios WorldWideWeb Competition, Secon..

Tango Sensations, Manuel Barrueco


The second recording in the new Manuel Barrueco Collection features Manuel Barrueco and the Cuarteto..

Spin by LAGQ


The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, the Grammy-winning ensemble that has spent the past quarter century ..

Spanish Guitarmusic, Carsten Pedersen


CONTENTS:EMILIO PUJOL:1. Romanza2. Sevilla, evocation3. ImpromptuFEDERICO MORENO TORROBA:4. Chispera..

El Canto de La Leona by Wulfin Lieske


CONTENTS:1-8. Bach: Suite in D, BWV 10079-13. de Milano: Fantasias & Ricercari14. Lieske: Nympheas d..

Siesta, Michala Petri & Lars Hannibal


CONTENTS:ASTOR PIAZZOLLA:1-4. Histoire du Tango (Bordel 1900; Cafe 1930; Night - club 1960; Concert ..

Rodrigo Concertos, David Russell


CONTENTS:CONCIERTO DE ARANJUEZ:1. Allegro con spirito2. Adagio3. Allegro gentileFANTASIA PARA UN GEN..

Repertoire by Esther Steenbergen and friends


This CD is the cheerful result of a fruitful collaboration between guitarist Esther Steenbergen and ..

Recital, Robert Bluestone


After receiving his Master's degree in music from Eastern Michigan University, Robert Bluestone stud..

Xango - Quaternaglia


HEITOR VILLA-LOBOS (1887-1959)1. CHOROS n.5 “Alma Brasileira” (1925) CHOROS n.5 Alma Brasileira arra..

Quadros: Jorge Caballero


GuitarCoop proudly presents Jorge CaballeroA native of Lima, Peru, Jorge Caballero is the youngest m..

Paul Galbraith: Allemande


J.S. BACH (1685-1750)01 – Allemande, from Lute Suite in Em, BWV996 3:07W.A. MOZART (1756-1791)02 – A..

Paul Galbraith Plays Haydn


Mr. Galbraith comments:"Haydn`s suitability for the guitar was an early discovery for me. Even as a ..

Orquesta de Cordoba, Volume 1, Leo Brouwer, Costas Cotsiolis, Scott Tennant, Odair Assad


1.-3. Leo Brouwer: "Concierto de Volos" (I. Aeolian Serenade - II. The Sphynx - III. Bacchus Dance i..

Orquesta de Cordoba, Volume 2: Three Double Concertos, Brouwer and friends


1.-3. Leo Brouwer: "Concierto Para Guitarra - Omaggio a Paganini" (I. Pasacalle - II. Interlude - II..

Musings, Duo Erato (Martha Masters & Risa Carlson)


CONTENTS:PIERRE PETIT:1. Toccata pour deux GuitaresCESAR FRANCK:3-5. Prelude, Fugue and Variation, O..

Invocación - Mattias Jacobsson


Young guitarist Mattias Jacobsson has launched a flying start to his international career.” — Guitar..

Makrotonal, Mak Grgic


Using custom re-fretted guitars, Mak Grgic revolutionizes the standard repertoire with Renaissance &..

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